During Kalak’s reign, the sorcerer king of Tyr dispensed justice as he saw fit. Slaughtering many and occasionally exiling whole families or merchant houses to the deserts of Athas. Fire Watch suffered that same fate three years ago…

As fresh recruits to the city guard, your captain showed you all the ropes. Though you came from varied backgrounds he shaped you all into a cohesive unit. He was a man to look up to. An exception in a city built on greed and corruption. Only weeks into your assignment in the Warrens you all discovered a string of murders. When the evidence all pointed to a high ranking Templar, your captain wouldn’t back down. He took the crimes all the way to Kalak himself.

When he did not return for three days your suspicions grew. Be it fear or your belief in the system, you all stayed in the city. That is until the Templars arrived at your homes. Each of you was brought in for questioning and then sentenced to exile from the city. A fate worse then death some might say. Stripped of your rank, outcast by your families and set loose in the wastelands of Athas.

Life as banished nomads has been hard. You all have gotten by on odd jobs and your faith in each other. What you did to survive was not always admirable, but it was always necessary. With the news of Kalak’s death though, you all can finally return to Tyr. It is time to pick up the pieces and lay the foundations for revenge.

Shadow of the Dune

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