Shadow of the Dune

Return to Tyr

The members of Fire Watch returned to the city of Tyr to find much had changed. Their first stop was to the former home of Aluiries Mistletoe, in search of her husband and son. What they found there was a squatter who had never heard of the family. Their next stop was to the House Tsalaxa, where they met with Haneth Tsalaxa who claimed to have information on the whereabouts of Graham and Leoster Mistletoe.

He would not give it up freely though. Recalling the debt owed to him by Rumpus and Spitfire. He offered to share the information on the Mistletoes and wipe away their debts if the group could discover the Face of Stone and bring him whatever they found inside.

After parting with Haneth the group was making their way to the city gates when Samir received a note the Veiled Alliance. While Samir went off to meet with Kivrin the rest of Fire Watch canvased the Warrens for information. They came away with nothing new, but Samir learned that the Face of Stone held an artifact known as the Crown of Dust.

Meeting back up in the Market District they were soon ambushed by a group from the city of Balic. Fire Watch dispatched the attackers quickly, but their leader, an eladrin named Sarhan, escaped. Fleeing the city from the guards drawn out by the skirmish, Fire Watch traveled the deserts of Athas for four days before finding the Face of Stone.

Surrounded by a swirling dust devil the Face of Stone was not easily accessible. The immediate obstacle was a group of bandits who were outside of the dust devil though. From a distance it appeared that they were throwing bound captives into the storm. When Fire Watch intervened the bandits continued to throw in the captives. Finishing off the bandits left the group with five survivors and a discussion of how they might breach the dust devil.

It turned out the survivors were members of a House of Shom caravan. The bandits each were tattooed with a snake skull, denoting their allegiance to Yarnath the Bandit Lord. Fire Watch let the survivors go, tied a rope to each others waist and entered the Dust Devil. Making their way through with little issue they found themselves outside the Face of Stone.



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